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Nurse and elderly lady in wheelchair chatting outdoors

Who We Are

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, MBA Health provides person-centred care services in Salford, Manchester, and across the Northwest of England. We offer care solutions using fully trained healthcare assistants, qualified RGNs, and RMNs. Our team is carefully selected, undergoes rigorous training, and is passionate about providing the best possible care for our service users.

Our Core Values

Diversity and Respect

At the heart of our care service is a profound respect for diversity. We foster a people-centred environment that is inclusive of all. We understand that everyone is unique, with a distinct set of values, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity and respect extends beyond our service users to include our diverse team of caregivers, who undergo competency training to ensure they approach every client with sensitivity and respect.


At MBA Health, we embrace innovation as a cornerstone of our service delivery, with continuous learning and improvement to drive positive change. We constantly seek new and creative ways to enhance the quality of care provided to our service users. Whether it's adopting the latest technology for better monitoring and communication or exploring innovative approaches to address specific health challenges, we are committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in the industry.


Compassion is the heartbeat of MBA Health. We understand that providing healthcare services goes beyond the physical tasks, it requires a genuine connection and empathetic understanding of our service user's emotional and psychological well-being. Our caregivers are selected not only for their professional competence but also for their innate capacity to express empathy for the needs and feelings of those we serve.


Teamwork is not just about coordination, it’s about fostering a culture of collaboration, open communication, and mutual support. Our team of caregivers, coordinators, and support staff work seamlessly together to ensure the well-being of our service users. We recognise that each member of our team plays a vital role in creating a supportive care environment. Regular team meetings, ongoing training sessions, and a culture of shared responsibility contribute to the cohesiveness of our team.

Carer Helping Elderly Senior Woman Using Walking Frame

Our Mission and Vision

We are committed to offering high-quality care and enhancing the quality of human life.
Our mission and dedication to the healthcare profession is to provide exemplary care that puts our service users at the heart of everything we do and improve their lives with our healthcare services. We are focused on the following principles for success and growth.
Customer-Focused Approach: We gauge our performance and decisions through the perspective of our service users, building relationships and delivering top-quality service.
Innovation: We continually explore new ways and consistently identify opportunities to design, develop, and advance care plans that are both timely and effective.
Efficiency: Our unwavering focus and execution enable us to drive productivity and deliver value. We identify areas for improvement, addressing challenges without compromising on quality.
People: We dedicate ourselves daily to enhancing the lives of our service users. We strive to build and retain a strong team by acknowledging and rewarding excellence and creating avenues for professional development.

Our dedicated team provide person-centred care services in Salford, Manchester, and surrounding areas. MBA Health has well-trained healthcare assistants, qualified RGNs, and RMNs ready to work together to take care of the people we serve. Get in touch now.

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