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Female healthcare worker helping disabled senior man in wheelchair, tie shoe laces

Personalised Domiciliary Care Services

MBA Health services are designed with each person in mind. First, we create a special care plan just for them. We help and support the elderly and young adults with varying health needs like dementia, personal care, challenging behaviours, mental health, learning disability, eating disorder, and end of life care.

Compassionate Assistance

Comfort In Their Own Homes

Our services offer numerous benefits for our service users. One main benefit is that domiciliary care allows the elderly and vulnerable young adults to maintain their independence and familiar surroundings. With our care assistants coming to their homes, they can continue to live in a place filled with memories and cherished belongings. Our service is tailored to meet the specific needs of each person. Whether it's help with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, meal preparation, or assistance with managing medications, the care is designed to address the unique requirements of that person.

Promotes Emotional Well-Being

Being in a familiar environment with consistent caregivers creates a sense of security and reduces feelings of loneliness. The emotional connection between the care assistant and the elderly person often leads to strong bonds and companionship. Additionally, domiciliary care is often more cost-effective than other care options. It allows seniors to receive the necessary support without the added expenses associated with assisted living facilities or nursing homes. This form of care not only meets their specific needs but also contributes to their emotional well-being and independence.

Young woman is visiting her grandmother in nursing home having a walk with here in a wheel

Our Domiciliary Care Covers

  • Assisting with dressing/undressing: getting up in the morning and preparing for bed at night.

  • Assisting with washing, bathing, bed bathing, and showering.

  • Assisting with skincare, teeth cleaning, hair washing and drying.

  • Assisting with medication and application of any topical creams

  • Assisting with toileting and use of incontinence aids as well as maintaining the hygiene of commodes and urine bottles.

  • Assist in the preparation of food, shopping, washing up and menu planning.

  • Assisting with the feeding.

  • Letter writing, reading, and managing correspondence.

  • Reminiscing and mental awareness stimulation

  • Escorting to medical, social appointments and educational/employment establishments

  • Participation in hobbies, walking and travelling.

  • Assisting with budgeting and finances

  • Cleaning and general routine household tasks including laundry.

  • Night sleepover or sitting service and day sitting services.

With over 10 years of experience in the care industry, MBA Health provides domiciliary care services in Salford, Manchester, and surrounding areas. We offer a range of support services for the elderly and vulnerable young adults in their own homes. Get in touch now.

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